Our Learning Management System

Through our partnership with NetDimensions, Tatweer provides secure, flexible and practical talent development solutions.

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NetDimensions learning supports more languages than any of its other counterparts in the market. It's tools enable the management of training programs, compliance, initiatives, licensing and certification requirements, competencies, and collaborative learning, as well as external training for the extended enterprise. For more information about learning.

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In today's fast-past world, Internet or Intranet learning proves to be of far more usefulness to users than live learning. NetDimensions offers pure web-based learning solutions to enable businesses to convert their learning content to a more efficient medium. For more information about e-learning.

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Employees, managers and HR professionals use NetDimension's tools and insights to inspire users of the platform perform to the best of their ability. Learning processes are incorporated with performance management to enable employee activities to be tied to organization objectives. For more information about performance.

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Assessments of what users have learned are offered through NetDimensions to measure employee competency prior to and following undergoing courses. For more information about exams.