Tatweer Catalog

Tatweer makes organizational induction effortless. Induction and orientation programs are customized for employees to know exactly what they need to know, and acting as a method of standardization and efficiency that is unique to our learning management system (LMS). We also provide a library of Interpersonal skills packages that come in a bundle of 3 courses. The packages includes a psychometric assessment to increase the user's self-awareness.

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Skillsoft Catalog

Skillsoft has the most extensive elearning catalog in the industry, ensuring the best possible learning experience. Looking for an easy reference for Skillsoft courses? View our printer-friendly English language andlocalized languages course catalogs.

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Cegos Catalog

Truly localized in 15 different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, Czech, Dutch, Arabic, Brazilian, Bahasa), our e-Learning Catalogue can be applied locally, or across geographic boundaries and diverse cultures. Our suite of over 210 e-learning covers all Company fields. Our modules provide an engaging and fun experience for the learner, applying our training expertise to the online environment. Each module has an average duration of 30 minutes and is based on a learning experience including:

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